Please remember that any online activity for children needs to be monitored by an adult. 

I am trying to ensure all sites are safe but you will need to monitor your child's activity.

The following sites can help you ensure your children are safe online:

Free Clicker software

While schools are closed, Crick is offering Clicker software free for home use.   Clicker is a word processing software for Windows or Apple Macs that supports children who find it difficult to put the ideas down on paper.  Many of our children use it regularly.  For those who don't it is quite easy to understand.

Click on the button to download the software.  Our unique product key is: 


Make sure your children keep contact with their friends.  A video call means much more that a voice call.  Messenger or  Zoom allow you to link up with more than one friend at a time.

Broadcast your story on 10Radio!

Lots of your children have been asked to write a story as part of their homework. Once the story is written, record it and post it on our group Facebook page so it can be broadcast on 10Radio.

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